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Amélie Huart

and Professional Experience

Amélie Huart graduated in Interior Design and Architecture from the Ecole Pivaut in Nantes.
She constantly tries to innovate and stretch the limits of both her imagination and her creativity.

She started off working in the design and production of sports car bodywork prototypes
before joining an architect’s office.

At odp


Amélie Huart believes that design should be functional, practical, playful and aesthetic.
She loves looking at how to make daily life easier and more agreeable for future consumers,
using bright colours, curves and shapes that add warmth and a sense of cheerfulness.

She also enjoys the thrill of testing the limits of the materials she uses, infusing them with an elegance
and beauty that might not be obvious from the outset. And of course, in doing so, she’s also changing
our very own perceptions.

Currently, Amélie is working with fibreglass and carbon. She’s recently designed and built several pieces
of bathroom furniture using these innovative materials.