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Barthélémy Bach

and Professional Experience

Barthélémy Bach graduated from the Paris Val de Seine Ecole Nationale d’Architecture, having discovered
that architecture was a means to express his creativity and satisfy his curiosity. 3D technologies
are of particular interest to him.

He began his professional career working as a trainee in a theatre scenery factory. Then he interned for
an interior designer who taught him all the fundamentals of the business. In parallel to his studies,
Barthélémy started working as an independent architect.

This continuing education only served to confirm to him his love for integrating buildings into landscapes
and experimenting with plastics, qualities he has been able to bring to the projects he manages.

At odp


Barthélémy Bach’s unique creativity and sensibility have proven to be a good match with ODP. His skills with real
and virtual modelling allow him to create real harmony
in all his projects, thanks to his deep knowledge
of landscape integration and volumetric influences.

Saint-Barthélemy has turned out to be the perfect place for him to develop another of his passions too :
naval architecture. His wish is one day is to sail a yacht that he has designed himself.