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Frederik Dain

and Professional Experience

Frederik Dain graduated from the Bordeaux Ecole d’Architecture and quickly found himself taking part in large scale building projects such as hospitals, airports, universities and head offices. He started working in London at the GMW agency, then at the architects Luc Arsène-Henry in Bordeaux. There, he collaborated with designer Philippe Starck on many projects such as the Paris Ecole des Arts Décoratifs and Bordeaux airport’s control tower. He founded his first agency with Hubert Saladin, followed later by the HOBO architecture agency in Bordeaux.

From 1999, Frederik collaborated with his brother Olivier on villa construction projects in Saint-Barthélemy. These villas are characterised by their unique combination of contemporary architecture with the West Indian style of living, a product of the culture that the two brothers have both known since childhood.

This remarkable fusion of architecture and international design, coupled with an understanding of the way of life in the West Indies, gave birth to a truly original approach to villa design specifically tailored to the Caribbean.

As a demanding and passionate man, Frederik doesn’t make any distinction between designing and building.
He firmly believes that sustainable architecture springs out of good designs that are not only built to last but also to evolve harmoniously over time. That’s why he attaches so much importance to the quality and durability of his projects.

At odp


In 2010, Frederik Dain went into partnership with his brother Olivier, Nicolas Gessat and Hugues Bousquet under the guise of Home by ODP, a creative agency integrated with ODP, its clients and projects.

They have built up a complete and diversified team that brings together architects, designers, decorators, project managers and engineers. Frederik adds his wealth of experience working on large scale projects to this eclectic mix.

Devoted to contemporary art, nature, sea and sun, he has made architecture a true source of pleasure both for himself and for others.