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Hugues Bousquet

and Professional Experience

An expatriate living in Saint-Barthélemy since 1989, Hugues Bousquet has gained extensive experience in the local construction industry, managing his own masonry and structural work company from 1991 to 1999.

Deeply passionate about rugby, he trains a team of pupils from the Saint-Barthélemy school of rugby.

At odp


After joining ODP at the end of 1999, Hugues Bousquet quickly became a partner.

His experience and knowledge of the technical side combined with his close links to local companies that he has built up over the past 25 years make him truly indispensable to making every building project successful.

As part of ODP, he has developed his management and creative skills which allow him to view
the projects in their entirety.

Hugues enjoys ODP’s culture of taking initiatives as well as the opportunity to create, discuss and innovate on all types of different and challenging projects.