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Jérôme Rapin

and Professional Experience

Having graduated in Interior Architecture from the Cardiff University of Media and Arts,
Jérôme Rapin is first and foremost a designer specialising in museography and scenography.

He worked at London’s prestigious CASSONMANN design office, creating exhibitions
for the most famous national and international museums in the US, Europe and the United Arab Emirates.
His passion for creation, design and the arts has led him to get involved in various eclectic projects,
to which he always brings his critical eye and his distinctive approach.

At odp


Jérôme Rapin’s switch to ODP’s residential and luxury hotel projects happened very naturally,
thanks to his flexibility in applying design rules in new fields. By integrating the theatricality
and poetic charm of his drawings, he has created settings that catch the eye and arouse emotion.

Jérôme works on the principle that design is not only beautiful and functional
but also needs to feature an underlying complexity that intrigues and makes people think.

He is also a gifted painter who regularly exhibits in French and British galleries,
and he still finds time to occasionally teach to small groups of like-minded passionate people.