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Nicolas Gessat

and Professional Experience

Nicolas Gessat graduated from the Paris Ecole d’Architecture des Beaux-Arts and the Ecole d’Architecture de la Villette. He is a man whose favourite means of expression is architecture and he is particularly interested by the different scales of various buildings, town planning, microarchitecture and furniture.

As a student, he managed several development projects, including urban restructuring in Abidjan, the building of a school in Burkina Faso and the design of different forms of temporary accommodation.

He worked as a project manager in several architecture agencies in Paris, where he specialised in public facility building projects. This was where he learnt a lot about urban and landscape issues, including the design of unique, pleasant yet functional projects that fully take into account all existing constraints.

In 2011, after the earthquake that struck Port-au-Prince, Nicolas flew to Haiti as a volunteer. One of his functions there was to design a new school.

At odp


Nicolas Gessat joined ODP in 2006 as a project manager. Since then, he has been managing the building of luxury venues such as the West Cliff House, Roxane and Les eaux bleues villas. His strong field experience and his good understanding of local issues have been hugely beneficial for these innovative and audacious projects.

Nicolas provides top-end service integration, easily meets all objectives and has a very good ear for the requests of the more demanding client. His commitment means that the integration of buildings into their landscape, taking into account all the specific requirements of the setting, is a key component of every project he’s involved with.

In 2010, Nicolas went into partnership with Olivier and Frederik Dain and Hugues Bousquet to create Home by ODP.