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Nicolas Maudouit

and Professional Experience

At the age of 11, Nicolas Maudouit experienced first-hand the renovation of his parents’ restaurant.
He had found his true vocation.

14 years later, he graduated from the Paris ESAM College of Design and headed to Australia and South Africa
to work and travel. Culture shocks, different working methods, different perceptions, beautiful landscapes,
unrivalled colours and a total immersion into southern hemisphere life became daily occurrences for him.

After a short stay in Paris, where he collaborated with Jacques Garcia and Didier Gomez, he moved to London
to enjoy a more artistic and less academic life. As a consultant for Oger International, he regularly travelled to China and the Middle East, including Saudi Arabia where he worked on a hotel project in Mecca.

At odp


Nicolas Maudouit joined the ODP team in Saint Barthélemy as a project manager. It was a new challenge with a high level of precision and detail.

Nicolas says "I love the anticipation of working, the fluidity and coordination of it and making sure teams are working in harmony on our construction sites”.