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ODP and Home by ODP

ODPODP and Home by ODP

The Technical Studies Office ODP has built a very solid reputation
in building and renovations
and has collaborated many times
with both French and foreign architects.

In 2010, ODP created its own architecture firm, Home by ODP. The integration
of this second skill allowed us to step up to the demanding challenges of creation
and innovation in the luxury end of the market.
As a result, we are in a position
to offer our clients an ODP-branded global service.

ODP and Home by ODP

Both entities work closely together. Home by ODP taking the lead until the approval of the building permit ; then ODP takes over the turnkey delivery. Both share common goals :

Conception of unique and innovative projects in line with each client’s wish
Provide a complete service , from design to turnkey delivery
Deliver the highest level of quality of finish
Rigorously respect budgets and deadlines
Maintain complete transparency with clients

Architecture firm Reputation
Creation Innovation signature
Collaborations Synergy
ODP and Home by ODP